Sun-Self Meditation

During my university years I became quickly drawn to learning more about visual meditation. Rather than sitting in complete silence, I found it more helpful to imagine symbols or images while sitting with my eyes closed. This kept my mind engaged and prevented it from running off into different directions (as it commonly does). Over the years, I combined some of my favorite visual meditations related to love, creativity and mental clarity. One of my favorites (as I like to call) is the “Sun- Self meditation”.

I use the “Sun-Self” meditation to detach from things that I feel overly “connected” to.  When I am unable to stop thinking about a situation which I am no longer physically apart of then I know it is time to disconnect. This is common with work, conversations, and even projects which we are deeply invested in.  The “Sun-Self” meditation helps us reclaim our energy, cleanse it properly and recycle it within the chakra system. Then it can be refocused and reused in a constructive way.


The Sun-Self Meditation 

Sit upright with legs crossed.

Straighten your back.

Place your hands on your knees

or rest them in your lap.

Close your eyes.

Focus on the quiet around you.

Now, imagine there is a small sun above you.

Right above your head.

Watch as it rotates and flickers.

It burns brilliantly yellow, orange and red.

This sun represents your energy.

And it can go anywhere.

In fact, it is in many places right now.

In work, in school, in family and friends.

Your energy has done a good job.

For this you can smile.

But now it is time for your energy

To come back home.


As you sit.

Imagine the bright sun

Floating above your head.

Watch as it rotates and flickers.

It burns brilliantly yellow, orange and red.

Imagine all of your energy

That has poured into today’s events.

Coming back into the sun.

Faster than it was sent.

Watch how this brilliant energy

Flows directly back.

It turns, rotates and flickers.

Filling every crack.

Your golden energy is new again

and prepared to go where told.

Now it begins to pour itself

Into the top of your crown.

Where your head meets your soul

Watch as it turns

And as it warms

Back into molten gold.

Feel the golden energy

As it makes its way down.

Down your neck

Down your back

To your arms

Into your fingers

Down your legs

To your feet

And into anything that lingers.


Thank your golden energy

For returning home.


Happy Creating Xx


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