My name is Amanda and I am originally from Texas. I am an English Teacher currently living and teaching in Vienna, Austria. In 2015, I graduated from Texas Tech University with a Psychology degree and craving for travel.  At the time,  I was very curious about human development and how my own country differed from the other countries around the world. I wanted to know if there was an ideal way to “develop properly” and how. I started Creation Through Vibration with the intention of exploring different ways we can create or develop ourselves into the human beings we all aspire to be. I am still on my way to finding the “ideal path” but I feel very fortunate to travel and gather information from individuals all around the world.

 On this blog you will find travel photos, written observations and essays inspired by my little moments in time. I try to pass on any information that has helped me with creating my current reality. Here you can find information about teaching overseas, travel tips and tips for mindful living and links to get connected.  Please feel free to send queries to creationthroughvibration@gmail.com.

Happy Creating.

❤️ Amanda


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