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NEW Meditation Classes While Traveling Through Spain- Spain is a very popular destination for travelers and Erasmus students. If you are planning on staying in Spain for a bit, here are some helpful links to get you connected.

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There are 7 chakaras that make up the 7 main energy points of the human body. They are categorized as the root, the sacreal, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye and the crown. During my time in Ibiza I was able to have Reki session done by a friend named, Katy. Katy explained to me that our chakras close and open depending on ou r state of vibration. If we are vibrating from fear then our chakras close. If we vibrate from love, our chakras open. Mindful meditating on your chakra centers can help build and restore balance.

Here are some mantras specified for each chakra.