Many have been asking for the recipe and here it is! IG: @amandajbustamante

The other day Jon told me that he was going to surprise me with a new dish for breakfast. Jon is always outdoing himself in the kitchen (the night before he made GF chicken and dumplings) so I knew I was in for something special.Living in the south-west region of Spain, we get a cultural blend of Morocco and Spanish cuisine. The other day Jon prepared for us Shakahuka, a popular Middle Eastern/North African dish. Very different from a Spanish or American breakfast (the two breakfasts I know best.) Shakahuka is a dish of poached eggs cooked in a spicey tomato sauce and seasoned with cumin and other spices. We served our Shakashuka with avacado and toast and enjoyed our meal with a nice balcony view. It was the perfect Saturday morning. 😋

This dish contains: eggs, tomatoes, pepper, onion, garlic, olive oil, chili pepper, parsley, cumin. 

Jon followed a recipe here at Serious Eats. (Can never have too much avocado and parsley.)  

In the running of becoming a new favorite breakfast. 😋

*Editors note: Although this recipe is not yet Vegan, you can always substitute egg with tofu scramble. 

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  1. layvi444 says:

    This is so funny I was in Tzfat, israel, and I just ate shakshuka there! Wow small world

    1. Wow, small world indeed ! Hope you enjoyed.😋

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