Apartment Hunting in Europe (Spain)

Today’s post is for other Auxiliaries teaching in Sevilla this upcoming school year.

Finding the dream Piso.

For those of you who don’t know, this will be my third year living and teaching in Spain with the Auxiliaries of Conversation program. After two years of living abroad, I feel like I have finally got the piso hunt down. ( Piso is “floor” or apartment in Spanish.) I have experienced pisos of all kinds during my time here in Spain.  From a vacation home in Ibiza to an “anything but tranquilo” apartment across from La Macarena Hospital in Sevilla. Yup, I have seen it all. This year I decided I was going to take the fate of my future piso into my own hands.

I started putting money away early and kept my Idealista notifications on to receive updates when new listings came up. I kept money in an envelope labeled “dream piso” and sealed it when I reached my goal amount. All the preparation and “grandma nights in” finally paid off.  The moment I found the right apartment, I was ready to make an offer that day.

 “I attract opportunity. I capitalize on opportunity. I do so because I have done the work to prepare myself beforehand.” 

Finding the perfect piso comes down to organization, planning and a little bit of patience. Here are some tips I made note of during my search. Hopefully you will find them useful while on the hunt for your next home.

7 Helpful Tips

  1. Decide on what amenities you want in your apartment. It may be difficult to find an apartment with EVERYTHING so divide your wishlist into necessities and  accessories. Air conditioning can be viewed as a “necessity” for Sevilla during the hot summer but an apartment with a balcony view of the cathedral is more of an “accessory”.
  2. Do the research! Where will you be working/teaching next year? How will you commute? City buses within Sevilla and City buses to pueblos outside of Sevilla. Do you prefer to live closer to where you work or where you socialize?
  3. Best time to find apartments are beginning of June through the end of August and then again mid December and end of January. You can find an apartment really at anytime but most availability opens up when university students leave Sevilla.
  4. Create a realistic budget for yourself and be honest. How much have you saved up until this point?  How much will you be bringing in from work and how much of that are you willing to pay for each month? Most shared pisos will be between 200-350. The Fianza (deposit) must be paid on the day of signing and is usually the amount of one month’s rent. Keep these things in mind.
  5. Unless you find the apartment of your dreams,  try and find a lease that offers 6 months lease. That way if something comes up (roommate problems, street noise or work changes) you can switch apartments after the 6 months. I have also seen 3 month leases but those pisos seem to be more for tourists or travelers. Also remember your rights as a tenant in Spain.  If you are happy in the  the apartment you can always talk to the landlord about extending your stay past 6 months.
  6. Make sure to download “whatsapp” to communicate with landlords. This way of communication is more common in Spain rather than iMessage or SMS.
  7. Communication is key while abroad so translate everything. If Spanish is not your strong suit yet, make sure you have translated all questions for to ask the landlord

Recommended Websites:


Decently priced pisos for students and those living abroad. Good for finding last minute rooms, almost a new post everyday but you have to be quick! Most pisos are rented out a few days after their post date.*NEW Piso available as of June 26th* 


Great website if you are looking for a studio or shared space with other working professionals. Listed apartments are a bit more expensive but you get what you pay for.


You can find anything here from pisos to secondhand furniture. This website functions similar to craig’s list. Remember to always do you research before committing to a contract.

Wish you all the best of luck!



Did you find this helpful? Still have more questions? Write to: creationthroughvibration@gmail.com

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