7 Things To Learn in Sevilla

Balcony of Balloons. This photo was taken today during  my walk to Alameda De Hercules. Today is January 5th which marks “Dia de Los Reyes Magos” or “The Day of The Three Kings”. I have been living in Sevilla, Spain for the last two years. Anyone who has spent time in this city will tell…

Travel Tips: Vegan/Gluten-Free in Sevilla, Spain. 

IG: @creationthroughvibration Traveling along the Mediterranean region can be difficult for the vegan and gluten-free. Meat and wheat both reign over most Southern European dishes and it’s difficult to find substitutes. Having Celiac’s disease and living as an Ex-pat in Spain, I had to do some research to find restaurants accommodating to my gluten allergy….