Travel Tips: Vegan/Gluten-Free in Sevilla, Spain. 

IG: @creationthroughvibration

Traveling along the Mediterranean region can be difficult for the vegan and gluten-free. Meat and wheat both reign over most Southern European dishes and it’s difficult to find substitutes. Having Celiac’s disease and living as an Ex-pat in Spain, I had to do some research to find restaurants accommodating to my gluten allergy. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have finally found it. After living in Sevilla for one year I have found the best gluten free cafe in town, “Mamafante y Papaposa”. First of all, the name is adorable. Second, it’s in a great location ! Just a few minutes walk from the “hipster-hangout spot”, Hercules de Alameda. The cafe is decorated with lighthearted details and hand crafted furniture. Fun colors light up the space and original Mamafante artwork hangs on the walls. The space is designed for families to enjoy their time and eat healthy, mindful meals together. Highly  recommend for young families and the mindful eaters. Hope you all get to try it out. Enjoy!

Mamafante y Papaposa. IG:@mamafanteypapaposa

📍Calle Fray Diego de Cadiz, 11, Sevilla, Spain. 41003

CreationThroughVibration© March, 2017.

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  1. timothyginty says:

    Avo and Tomato. Breakfast of champions!

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