The Island That Feels Like Home. 

“Power. This island is one hundred percent power. A place that amplifies both the chaotic and the calm. A place where you can walk down the harbor and see million-dollar yachts, but walk a little further and you will hear the Ibicenco children playing in the modest school yards. For the last year this island was my home and what a home it was. Ibiza is a lot of things but in reality Ibiza is quite simple. Ibiza will give back what you have first given the island.

For the love, the healing, the friendships, I owe this island everything.

-Personal Journal Entry,  September 21st 2016

About two years ago I made a last minute, post grad decision and applied to teach English in Spain. It was one of the best decision I ever made. I was placed on a tiny island off the east coast of Spain. I spent the year teaching and growing as an individual. I met amazing people and spent most weekends at the beach, relaxing after a “long” 4-day work week. It felt like I had one the lottery.

It was one of the best years of my life and at the end of it, I had to make a very hard decision. I had to decide if I wanted to stay on the island or switch to another region in Spain. I decided I wanted to pursue a former adventure in Andalusia. I finalized the decision and moved to Sevilla in September 2016. I have settled quite nicely into my new reality and Sevilla has given me a storybook of adventures to write about in upcoming blogs.  Ibiza is still close by.  I can still hop on over whenever I find cheap flights. ( Gotta love those Ryanair prices.)

This past weekend I found a cheap ticket and had to ” lo aprovechó”.  This was my second trip back after having moved away. I usually travel alone to Ibiza but when I arrive I feel anything but lonely. Teachers, friends and families of former students always offer a place for me to stay. They also SPOIL me! I think I gain weight when visiting with all the meals and parties I am invited to. I love meeting up with old friends. Friends from all over the world who decided to make their home in Ibiza. Never a boring conversation to be had.

Ibiza also has a funny way of making new introductions. Every time I come to the island I meet one or two new characters. And when I say characters, I mean characters. Personalities you will only find in a story book or a movie script.  One day it’s a street performing Spanish duo and the next it’s a reiki master offering crystal healings on the beach.

Characters colliding into my world and the world of other’s. Colliding to bring new life and inspiration. Colliding to stir things up a bit. It all feels very fluid and connected. It reminds me how fluid and connected I am as well. Not just in Ibiza but in any new city I decide to call home.

– Amanda J. Bustamante

Interested in teaching abroad and creating a similar reality? 

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