Next Chapter: Teaching Abroad in Ibiza, Spain 

 So a lot has happened in this last year and a half. May 2014 I traveled to Sevilla, Spain and lived/studied abroad for two months. December, I graduated from Texas Tech University and by January I was moved back in with my parents in Plano, Tx. In March I flew out to NYC, met with a couple of all old friends including a childhood sweetheart.  In July, I went out to Hollywood and tried out a Cali lifestyle which included vegan eats and 4th of July on the beach with an old friend from HS. It’s been a whirlwind of realities and I feel like my life is only speeding up.

During this past spring, I applied to teach English in Spain for a full academic year. I was accepted into the program but had to wait a few more months until finally receiving my placement. I finally received the  long awaited email in August and learned that I would be teaching in Islas Baleares, The Balearics Islands. So not only would I be teaching abroad in Spain, I would be teaching abroad on an ISLAND. Did not expect that but hey, more for the adventure.

But wait, it gets better..

So after receiving my placement I had to wait to receive another email with more details about my school address, town name and so on. I received that email and immediately copied and pasted the school address into my maps. And guess just where that pin point landed.. Dead center on the island of Ibiza. So not only will I be teaching on an ISLAND but I will be teaching in IBIZA.

Seriously, how does it get any better than this ?? I’m driving to Houston tomorrow to apply for my visa. I will keep you all updated on this crazy adventure!

– Amanda Bustamante

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  1. high maintenance travel says:

    That sounds awesome, congrats! What is the name of this program? I would love to apply.

    1. Hey there ! I am going through the Cultural Ambassadors Program of Spain. Here is a link for more information

      1. high maintenance travel says:

        Thanks, I hope you you write about your experiences on your blog. Good luck.

      2. I sure will! Thanks for the support 🙂

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