Currently Creating: Painting

Since I graduated last December I have been trying my hand at some old forgotten hobbies. I always enjoyed painting but never had the time to sit and work at my craft. However, I picked it back up when I moved home to Plano, Tx.  The top photo is a half finished painting titled “Little Red House”. I started it back in February but stopped because I liked the way it looked and didn’t want to mess it up ! It is actually painted on a 5×7 glass sheet and fitted into a golden frame. Bottom photo is a newer piece I’m working on. The other day I was being a lazy daisy and used storebought green paint instead of mixing the colors I already had. BIG mistake. The storebought green turned out to be more of a shamrock than the grassy green I was going for. Disappointed, I got on YouTube in search of a tutorial on how to mix the perfect green paint. I found this YouTube channel by Will Kemp who posts detailed tutorials on acrylic painting and mixing. Check him out !

 He recommended mixing a bright yellow with black to get a rich green (so simple šŸ˜).  

Side note: I like to add a little white or black oil to my acrylic paint, I think it gives the color more detail. I’m a huge fan of oil paints, they just take a bit longer to dry. 

So in this case I mixed acrylic yellow with a black oil paint and loved the way it turned out ! You can totally tell the difference from the shamrock green that was previously on the canvas. So much to learn in this art world !

Happy Creating, Friends šŸ™‚

– Amanda Bustamante

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